Sunday, October 3, 2010

Giants get the last laugh. Padres go home losers!


Jonathan Sanchez hates the Padres so much he smoked a triple and scored the Giants first run of the game.  He pitched 5 shutout innings and got the win on the last day of the season to propel the Giants into the playoffs as the NL West champions and send the Padres home.  

Their miracle season got them the same playoff result as finishing in last place all those years!

It couldn't be sweeter for the Giants to clinch against the Padres since the Giants single-handedly kept the Padres in the playoff hunt until the last day.  If the Giants had even gone .500 against the Padres this season then they would have won the division by 5 games.

Anyway, it's a great feeling.  Even the last two games the Giants lost have been exciting.  This team has kept it close all season long.  They didn't disappoint.  Now it's playoff time.

So Giants fans get out your champagne, your beer, or whatever your poison is.  Kick back and celebrate the Giants first postseason since 2003!

Playoffs baby!

Something to ponder for the next few days:

Giants record Vs. the NL playoff teams:
Phi: 3-3
Cin: 4-3
Atl: 3-4


  1. from now on please don't let Barry Zeto at the mount anymore till the Giant win the world series. Let him go to other team next year or right away.

  2. Your team sucks so much that they have to depend on Sanchez who is a hater. Haters in your team this does not speak well of your poor team at all. Go Phillies!!! We will have the last laugh! Because your team sucks!!

  3. That is the most eloquent argument I have ever heard as to why a team will beat another team. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Go Giants. Nothing like making the final three games incredible to watch. Sundays final was great fun for this native San Franciscan, and one of the first bat boys for the Giants in 1958. Thanks, Lee Stanfel