Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Busy week for the Giants

It's been a week since my last post and the Giants have been busy.

They kicked off with the Miguel Tejada signing, they resigned Pat Burrell to an incentive-laden deal, resigned Mike Fontenot, and parted ways with Chris Ray and Eugenio Velez.

At this point, the Giants are just about where they ended last season talent-wise.  Maybe at a slight downgrade when you compare Tejada to Uribe.  I can't argue too much with the Giants basically standing pat especially since they won it all last season with this same bunch of rag-tag castoffs.

But the rest of the division won't be standing pat.  The Dodgers picked up Jon Garland to help with their rotation that was a huge liability last season and there are rumors that they may be able to swing a Loney for Fielder deal (although ESPN is now reporting that may no longer be the case)  and of course they stole Juan Uribe.

I do have to applaud Brian Sabean for not jumping in on the ridiculousness that is the Jayson Werth contract.  The Nationals made what many sources are saying is the worst free agent deal on the market and maybe kicked off insanity in the free-agent market.  As long as he doesn't pay $150 million to sign Carl Crawford for 10 years we will be OK.

Based on the crazy happenings in the free agent market, I don't expect any big-name signings by the Giants.  Not that I did before that, but there was at least that stray, crazy thought.

Stay tuned as the Giants try to get more athletic and have a bigger left-handed presence in the lineup at the winter meetings this week.

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