Saturday, September 4, 2010

Giants have an odd one in Brian Wilson


The Giants were only able to manage two hits last night and Zito gave up 4 runs in 4 innnings.  I t didn't really hurt them that much in the standings since the Padres lost their 8th game in a row, but it is frustrating on a number of levels.  Barry Zito continued his slide, the Giants offense struggled once again, and they failed to capitalize on the Padres misfortune.  The fact that they could only manage two hits and wouldn't have scored at all if they didn't have Buster Posey on their team just made matters more unbearable.

So instead of wasting any more post time to the subpar effort of our favorite team I am just going to link some clips from the Giants weird closer Brian Wilson.  I don't know really what is up with this guy but he is really weird.  The guy who is most famous for wearing orange spikes to the mound in the All-Star game and then getting fined $1000.00 by MLB for wearing them in an actual game, sporting a mohawk on the mound, edge of your seat saves, and the overuse of the word delicious turns out to even weirder than I ever suspected.

In this video Brian Wilson lets us in on the location of the Gimp.  You gotta wait until about 6:30 into the clip to see it but it is worth it to watch the rest.

This clip we learn the reason Wilson was fined $1000.00 by MLB was because he had too much awesomeness on his feet, what kind of smartphone Wilson uses, and what he carries in his back pocket.

Since I couldn't find the embed code on foxsportsnet I will just link this video with  Wilson playing the Didgeridoo and high fiving Matt Downs.

Lastly, here is a link to a collection of clips from Wilson's short lived Comcast sports net reality show the Life of Brian.

I really can't explain the guy.  Hopefully it takes your mind off the Giant embarrassment from last night.

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  1. He has too much awesomeness in his body to be understood :-)