Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pablo to DH game 3

Bruce Bochy has announced that Pablo Sandoval will be the DH for game 3 of the series.

The Giants will be facing righty Colby Lewis and wanted to get another lefty in the lineup.

I'm glad he resisted the temptation to put Pat Burrell in as DH just because he did it with Tampa.  Burrell was so good as a DH in Tampa, they released him with close to $9 million owed to him.

As for Huff batting DH and bringing in Ishikawa to play first, I believe Bochy doesn't want to lose one of his best pinch hitters (even thought there will be less pinch hitting opportunities with no pitchers in the lineup).

No, Pablo Sandoval is the clear cut choice to be the DH, especially when he is batting left-handed.  In the Rangers small ballpark he will have a chance to use some of his power and maybe he can contribute.

3:30 game time!

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