Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Giants land Tejada for one year.

The San Francisco Giants signed Miguel Tejada to a one year deal for $6.5 million dollars.  The Giants are now paying two former Oakland A's about half of the entire payrolls the early 2000's teams were pulling down.

I don't hate this deal.  I don't like this deal.  I do think it's a little much for a guy who will hit .260 and give you maybe 10-15 homers.  Couldn't they get that much production from Emmanuel Burriss?

Probably, but they wouldn't get the leadership that a guy like Tejada brings to the table.  Unless it's a major injury, this guy isn't going to miss a whole lot of time on the field.  At one point Tejada was the active leader in consecutive games played.

His power numbers actually went up when he came to San Diego last season in a ballpark that is just as pitcher friendly as AT&T is.  There have been scouts out there who said that that Tejada is going to be the free agent bargain of the season.  So this could be a diamond in the rough type of signing.  Not Aubrey Huff type diamond in the rough but good for the value.  A guy who got stronger in the second half of the season at 35 years is not necessarily a sign of a guy who is breaking down.

Tejada is more of a third baseman at this point in his career so this could be a challenge to Pablo Sandoval.  Although if they wind up playing Tejada at third they still have a hole at short.  Mark Derosa has played short in his career, but he is more of a left-fielder at this point and I would suspect that the Giants are really hoping DeRosa fills more of that Super-Utility role that Uribe has filled for them the last few seasons.

Lastly, I still think the Giants can make a move for Jason Bartlett of Tampa Bay.  The price has got to be right however.  He is young and cheap.  His hitting style would probably play well in the spacious AT&T park.  There is no guarantee that Sandoval is going to be counted on and Tejada at third with Bartlett at short would be a real possibility.

Now to paint my Miguel Tejada Atheletics bobblehead orange and black!

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