Saturday, March 12, 2011

Giants knock Mat Latos around

I know, I know, I've made a point that it's only spring training before.  But you've gotta admit.  It's great to see this loser get roughed up even if it doesn't count.

It's a big deal that the Giants hit this guy well.  He absolutely owned the Giants last season until his final 2 starts.  Hell, he beat poor Jonathan Sanchez 1-0 TWICE!  The Giants, and Sanchez, did get their revenge by defeating Mat (who stole my other T) Latos on the last day of the season. 3-0 to send the Padres home for the 2010 offseason so they could trade away their biggest and possibly only offensive threat.

I'm sure you are all familiar with the story about Latos signing a baseball for charity autograph auction and writing "I hate SF on it."  Maybe you heard about his comments about how all the Giants from last year were all "Just a bunch of guys grabbed from other teams".  If the way he pitched against the Giants and his antics didn't make you dislike the guy then maybe the fact that he plays for the Padres will help you not like him.

Although you may have to just pity him though.  He is stuck on the San Diego Padres.  Who, as they showed once again this past offseason, aren't really all that concerned with winning.  Maybe if his team cared about that, then they would have made some more moves to improve his team at the deadline last offseason.

Enjoy battling it out with the D-backs for last place Mat!


  1. them beating him in spring training isn't enough. i want to watch him die

  2. $20 says the Padres finish ahead of the Giants this year.