Thursday, April 14, 2011

Giants Win the First homestand of the season!

It's been an exciting 2 nights since my last post!  In case you hadn't noticed (or cared even) I am going to be posting roughly every day this season.  With 2 small kids, a full time job, and a full load of college classes this season is going to be hard to post after every game.  I won't be posting game recaps so much as observations on the Giants and any current developments, trends, or news that I can find!

So, after losing the first 3 out of 4 games to the Dodgers to start the season, the Giants finished their first homestand a winner with a record of 4-2.  Going back to the 2 game series with San Diego, they have split one series and won 2 series.  This is the way you win divisions and concentrating on Colorado's hot start will just give you ulcers.  Colorado just does not have the pitching to keep it up over a full season.  They are just Jimenez and a bunch of other guys.

Other observations from the last few days:

  • Pablo Sandoval's homer from the right side matched his HR output from that side for ALL of last season.  The fact that it came within his 1st 12 right handed ABs this season is huge.  He didn't hit his first HR right handed last season until August!  Hopefully this is a good sign that we will see the Pablo of 2009 instead of 2010.
  • Brian Wilson is ready.  His first two outings weren't pretty.  The defense didn't help him too much in one of those outings.  How do you fix that?  Just strike everybody out.  With 4 Ks in the last 2 nights, Wilson has shown the dominance that we have come to expect from the bearded one.
  • Were you worried about Buster Posey?  The Dodgers certainly were after going 3 for 4 with 2 RBIs on Tuesday, the Dodgers elected to just hit Posey twice.  The games later in the season could get ugly between these two teams.  Just a fair warning.
  • DeRosa's wrist.  Mark DeRosa was scratched from a start at second base Wednesday because of soreness in his wrist.  Yes the same wrist which basically sidelined him for last season.  I would not be shocked at all to see DeRosa go on the DL with this wrist injury when Ross returns.  That or a trade of some sort (unlikely).  Before Rowand's hot hitting, I would have thought that Aaron Rowand's days in San Francisco were over, but the Giants just refuse to get rid of this guy.  Unless he gets traded (again, unlikely) then Rowand is probably gonna play out the rest of his contract in San Francisco.
So now the Giants will have another day off before taking travelling to Arizona to whip up on the Snakes.  They had a 13-5 record against the D-backs last season so hopefully the fact that Barry Zito and Madison Bumgarner take the mound for the first 2 games after looking shaky so far this season is a chance for them to get right.

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