Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baseball is a cruel, cruel, game

At the beginning of this week the San Francisco Giants were on top of the world.

Hell, even tonight they looked like they were going to win one of their patented late-inning-come-from-behind-walk-off games.

What a difference a couple of innings makes.

A sacrifice fly, an on target laser beam of a throw from Nate Scheirholtz, and a collision at the plate later, the Giants clubhouse, to quote Andrew Baggerly, was "a funeral".  

That's baseball for you.  That's what happens when your best offensive player is a catcher.  You think that nothing can go wrong and then all of the sudden it does.

Not much else to write about.  I was all excited that finals are over and then I could devote more time to this blog, which I will by the way, things looked great and then BOOM.  Giants lose, Posey's hurt.

Day game tomorrow.  Let's win one for Buster!

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