Monday, May 2, 2011

Rough weekend for the Giants

This weekend had to have been the toughest weekend of the young season.  From the opening day loss to the Dodgers until yesterday's punchless loss to the Nationals the whole season has been a disappointment.  It is still early, so hopefully the Giants get all of the disappointment out of the way early this season, but it is hard to get the nagging feeling of seeing it all fall apart out of your head.

The list of disappointment is long.  The entire Giant offense, Madison Bumgarner's rough start, Brandon Belt showing he isn't quite ready for the show, Miguel Tejada, Pat Burrell's BA, and the long list of injuries.

I think that the biggest key to this season turning around is just getting everyone healthy.  Obviously Pablo Sandoval's injury hasn't been the main contributor to the Giants' struggles but it is symbolic of them.  Ever since opening day, more than one key piece of the Giants offense, bullpen, rotation, or defense has been on the disabled list.

The Giants opened the season with Cody Ross and Brian Wilson on the DL.  Since they have come back, both have struggled.  Wilson has had more success than Ross has had, but neither of them has really contributed in the way that the Giants hoped they would coming in to the season.  Since that time, Andres Torres, Barry Zito, Mark DeRosa, Santiago Casilla, and Pablo Sandoval have all gone on the DL.  All of these guys are major pieces to the puzzle and having one or 2 of these guys on the DL puts the Giants at a disadvantage.  Having all 5 of them on the DL at once makes the Giants a completely different team than what they thought they were going to have when they left Arizona last month.

If the Giants can get healthy and get all of these guys back on the field, I think that they will be a much better team than they have shown to this point.  Really, considering all the injuries and how many games the Giants have played on the road to start the season, the Giants aren't in too bad of a place being 1 game under .500.  One good stretch can make everyone forget these early games and, as guys get healthy, I think we will see the Giants return to their winning ways.

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