Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Aubrey Huff will be a Giant for the next 2 years!

If you haven't heard about it by now then you must have been under a rock!

Aubrey Huff resigned with the Giants!

The deal is for 2 years and is valued at $22 million.  There is also a team option for a third year.

On the face of it, the dollars seem like a lot.  But when you consider that Huff has put up similar numbers in the past, the fact that he can play multiple positions, and how much of a clubhouse leader this guy is, you start to realize that this deal isn't all that bad.

The way the deal is constructed is pretty good too.  If Huff shows some decline next season, the Giants still will have another season to decide if they will retain him for the third year.

Look for this to be the model that the Giants go with for veterans over the age of 30 in the future.  We can also gain some insight into how the Giants are going to approach the Juan Uribe negotiations as well.  Uribe's numbers were almost identical to Huff's.  He had 1 less RBI, 2 less homeruns, but only scored 64 runs to Huff's 105, and hit for a much lower average than Huff(about 50 points lower).  Uribe does have some added value due to the fact that he can play multiple infield positions as well.

The story from that I linked above quotes Sabean as saying Uribe and the Giants "weren't talking the same language yet" as far as figures go.  Hopefully now that Huff the sides will come together quickly.  But if Uribe someone were to offer Uribe a four year deal or even a 3 year deal with the third year not an option year. I could see him walking.  I just don't see anyone giving a 34 year old super utility guy who has some issues with nagging injuries a 3 or 4 year deal.

But stranger things have happened.

Anyway, Welcome back Aubrey Huff!  It will be good to see you in a Giants uniform for the next few seasons.  If nothing else but to read all of your quotes!

Or to hear you sing!

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