Monday, November 29, 2010

Uribe to LA

Juan Uribe assured that another nice thing will ever be posted about him on this page!

Juan signed a 3 year $21 million deal  to play for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

This deal may work out to the Giants' favor in the long run.  Uribe has missed a few games in each of the last few seasons due to nagging injuries.  His average and OBP are subpar, his defense is OK at best, and did I mention that he tends to have a lot of nagging injuries?  The injury bug is really the biggest question mark that I have about this deal.  A guy who has a lot of muscle strain type injuries like Uribe has will only miss more games as he gets older.  Although I'm not too upset that it will be the Dodgers dealing with this.

Juan made a big impact on the Giants in his two years with the team.  He had two huge RBIs in the Phillies series and is a huge reason they made the World Series.  The homeruns he hit during the regular season always seemed to come at key moments.  He will definitely be missed.

This does leave the Giants with a glaring hole at shortstop.  Look for them to make a deal for a guy like Jason Bartlett from the Rays.  The Rays are said to be looking for some bullpen help which I think that the Giants can come up with.  The internal options are not good.  They can try Emmanuel Burriss but he has not shown anything at the big league level that would make you think he could come close to filling Uribe's shoes.  Brandon Crawford is just terrible with the bat and beyond him there isn't much help.  The Giants may resign Edgar Renteria but if they do it will not be as a starter.

The Giants are also said to be interested in Miguel Tejada, but his best days are behind him.  If they could give up Dan Runzler and another bullpen arm, they may be able to swing a deal for Bartlett and while he isn't going to put up 20+ HRs he may just be the guy that is available and is the best fit for the Giants.

Only time will tell.

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