Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cain is able

Matt Cain has been my favorite player with the Giants ever since he came up in 2005.It's kind of funny but we get on the Giants now for their reluctance to bring up young players but back in those days they almost never brought up rookies.  I also have always really felt for this guy.  In 2007, he was ranked #10 in the NL in ERA and his record for the season?  7-16.  The fact that this guy has always been the Giants hardest luck loser hasn't been overlooked by Giants fans.  His hard luck did reach epic proportions on May 22 when he threw 8 innings and allowed 1 unearned run and was still tagged with the loss.  Now a lot of guys would come out and start comlaining or maybe even go into a funk after a loss like that.  What does Cain do?  Over his next two starts, he has allowed 1 run, last night's homer to Troy Tulowitzki, and racked up 2 W's.  (though last night it looked like he may lose 1-0 again for a while!)  This is the kind of player that the Giants need to keep.  Even the Giants beat writer Chris Haft wrote today about the possibility of Cain having a better over all career by the time it's all said and done than Lincecum in his Haft Baked ideas blog.  I don't care if the Giants can get Prince Fielder or anybody else (well, except for maybe Albert Pujols.).  Any trade of Matt Cain would be a travesty to this organization and the Giants would regret it for years to come.

On the farm:

Madison Bumgarner went 6 and 1/3 last night and allowed 3 runs 2 of which were earned.  After his horrible beginning to the season, he has quietly lowered his ERA to 2.73 and his record to 5-1.  That is saying a lot considering the PCL is such a hitter's league.

Pat Burrell was 0-2 last night but he did manage to drive in 2 runs.  He now has 6 RBI's in 4 games with the Grizzlies.  My ETA for this guy is still tomorrow but, as far as I know, the Giants haven't made any decisions yet.  They are probably waiting to see how Mark DeRosa does tonight. He is DHing for the Grizzlies.

The Nate report:

Not much to report, Nate came in in the 9th inning as part of a double switch and did not bat.  With Rowand going 2 for 3 last night I doubt Nate will get zero ABs for the next two weeks unless Rowand gets hurt.

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