Saturday, June 5, 2010

Not the same old Sanchez

I have to admit I was a little worried when the Giants were down 4-0.  Lately 4 runs has been a pipe dream for this Giants team.  However, they came through with the power.  Aubrey Huff, Juan Uribe, and Eli Whiteside all busted out their woopin sticks and went long.  Even Aaron Rowand got into the action by grounding into yet another double play.  This time though Buster Posey was on third base and he scored on the play.  Even though he didn't get credit for an RBI, Aaron Rowand did get to add another GIDP to his total!

It also looked like Jonathan Sanchez had reverted to his 1st half 2009 pre-no-hitter form.  During that time Dirty would absolutely fall apart after an error and wind up giving up 5 or 6 runs.  While he did give up 4 unearned runs, the error by Buster Posey didn't really contribute to the scoring.  But, he managed to get everything under control and retire the next 13 batters in a row en route to his 4th win of the season.

I, and probably many other Giants fans, have been cautiously optimistic with Sanchez.  We keep waiting for him to revert back to that mess of a pitcher that he was.  This season, apart from a few rough starts, Sanchez has been excellent.  He has a 2.63 ERA, he is averaging 9.0 K/9 IP, and his WHIP is down to 1.098.  In short, he has arrived.

I don't know why we should be all that surprised that he finally figured it out.  This guy threw 4 no-hitters in college!, in the Minors he had an astonishing 333 k's in 252.2 Innings Pitched, and his WHIP was 1.187.  Based on his college and minor league numbers, you could make an argument that his struggles the last few seasons were the exception and that the Jonathan Sanchez we are seeing now is the true Jonathan Sanchez.

Just think.  All the amateur GMs among the Giants fanbase were screaming for Sabean to get rid of this guy about this time last season.

Down on the farm:

Joe Martinez pitched a complete game, gave up only one run, and struck out 7.   This brings his record to 5-3 with a 3.07 ERA on the season.  Considering he pitches in the PCL, I'd say he deserves another shot at the majors.  Although it's highly unlikely that he would crack the bigs with the Giants, he could maybe be a part of a package deal to bring a big bat to the Giants Prince Fielder anyone?  Also, Mark DeRosa was 1 for 3 with a walk and a run scored.  His dramatic turnaround from injury is astounding.  But it will help in the Giants never ending quest to have the oldest team in baseball as some young guy will surely get sent down when he returns.

Nate watch.

Well Boch has managed to get Nate into two straight games now. Both as 9th inning defensive replacements. lists him as one of the top defensive right fielders in the NL.  He is also tied for the league lead in assists which is incredible considering he hardly ever plays.  In fact, the guy in second place, Jeff Francoeur, has played in 9 more games than Nate.  Oh and all of those were as a starter.  Not one inning Defensive replacements as Nate has been for the last two of those games played.  But Aaron Rowand got a run home while grounding into a double play last night and he only struck out once so I have to imagine Bochy is pretty happy with his swings.

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