Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I don't know what to say

Well I do actually.

I really haven't been anti-Bochy.  In fact, last year, I defended him as a manager who was able to get a lot more out of his players in San Diego than he should have on paper.

But that was last year.

I won't say I'm anti-Bochy now either.  But I will say I am unhappy with his personnel decisions.  I don't question his strategy, people say he should do things like hit and run more but with a bunch of slow hackers that isn't a realistic strategy.  The fact that Aaron Rowand and Bengie Molina are so involved in this offense really makes me question if Bochy really wants to be here next season.  I laid out my feelings on Rowand the other day here: Posey Time and Molina has a slider speed bat at best and he barely does more than walk down the line.  Which brings up another brilliant personnel decision by Bochy: batting  Posey and Molina, 2 catchers, back to back in the lineup.  You just knew there would be some DPs there and low and behold there was.  (As a matter of fact you could say this lineup has 3 catchers in it right now if you throw Pablo Sandoval into the mix.)

Did you know that the Giants, who have played 51 games so far have scored 2 runs or less in 18 games this season?  That's 35% of the time!  Of those 18 games 6 of them were shutouts and in 5 of them they scored 1 run.  what that means is that in 11 games or 21% of the games played so far, the Giants have scored 1 run or less.  That works out to 34 games over the course of the season the Giants score 1 run or less. 

Bochy needs to drastically change his lineup.  That doesn't mean moving Rowand to another spot in the order.  That means putting different guys in there and not waiting for Derosa and Renteria to get back.  Tomorrow's lineup should be: 1. Torres CF, 2. Posey C, 3. Sanchez 2B, 4. Panda 3B, 5. Huff 1B, 6. Uribe SS, 7. Schierholtz RF, 8. Bowker LF, and 9. Cain P.  It gives Posey some time behind the plate, it gets the old guys on to the bench, and it gets the young guys some playing time.  We would have our best defensive outfield out there too.  I mean they can't score any less runs than they did in the last 2 games.  Well I guess they could but I doubt it.  I know Bochy doesn't have the guts to try something so radically different.

I wish there was a way to get Ishikawa some more playing time but Huff is doing too well to see what Ishi can give us and we just can't afford to take a guy who is hitting around .300 out of this lineup.  Oh wait, yes we can because that is what Nate Schierholtz was hitting when Bochy put him on the yo-yo string.
Got some news of Derosa's first rehab game here: DeRosa dissatisfied with first rehab game.  The headline pretty much says all you need to know but I'll give you the gory details.  Basically Derosa went 0-4 in his 1st rehab game with San Jose, which is Single A in case you were wondering, he decided not to play in tonight's game because they were facing a side-armer, and he was complaining more about not being able to perform to his expectations.  I will be SHOCKED if this guy comes back any time soon.  He sounds like a guy who WANTS to have surgery and doesn't want to come out and disagree with the team and their medical staff.

Pat Burrell was 2 for 5 with a run scored tonight in a high scoring 15-10 loss for Fresno.  Both his hits were singles.  Again, my ETA for Burrell is this Friday.  Also, I noticed that our old friend Eugenio Velez is hitting .300 with 10 steals in Fresno so expect to see him again soon too.  oh, and Kevin Pucetas gave up 8 of those runs in 1.2 innings so I don't think we will be seeing him in SF this season.

and lastly the Nate watch:


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