Monday, June 7, 2010

Freddy Sanchez is doin some work!

Giants 6 Pirates 5
Freddy Sanchez is on a ten game hitting streak.  During this streak he has easily been the Giants best hitter.  He's hitting .500 over those 10 games and seven of those games have been muli-hit games.  This is an example of a Brian Sabean trade gone right.   Before you think of arguing all of the potential lost in Alderson, consider that the Giants got an All-Star caliber player for a guy who projects to be an end-of the rotation pitcher at best.  Don't believe me?  His career minor league ERA is 3.49 and he only averages 5.9 K's per 9 IP. Sure, Sanchez was hurt to start the season, but he has practically carried the team since he's been back.  The additions of Sanchez and Buster Posey have transformed this offense dramatically from what it was two weeks ago.

Aubrey Huff was 1 for 3 with an RBI and he showed off his blazing speed while swiping 2 bags.  He is also another good move by Sabean.  Consider that he's only making $3 million this season and he has been one of the most consistent hitters on the club.  He's also provided us with some great quotes like he did on Friday night when he practically fell on his face while tracking down a fly ball out and left when after the game he quipped: "My athleticism allowed me to recover" and then “I was getting worn out by the fans for it. They were sauced tonight. It was pretty brutal. One guy asked if I need a walker.”  I think $3 million is worth the price of one-liners like that all season long!

Giants VS Reds

Big time road test coming up for the Giants.  They will be facing their old skipper in Dusty Baker, although Matt Cain is the only active Giant to have played for Dusty.  The Reds own one of the best offenses in the league and currently sport a 33-24 record which is good for a tie for the NL Central lead with the Cards.  The matchups are Barry Zito Vs. Johnny Cueto, Matt Cain Vs. some guy named Sam LeCure, Jonathan Sanchez Vs. Aaron Harang, and TBA Vs. Mike Leake.  The matchups seem to be in our favor for the most part.  None of the Reds Pitchers are very good even with Cueto's 5-1 record he is still sporting a 4.09 ERA and is coming off a start in which he allowed 10 earnies to the Cardinals.  This is his first start in his career Vs. the Giants. 

The most intriguing matchup in this whole series is on Thursday when TBA takes on Mike Leake.  Leake is the kid who completely skipped the minor leagues after being drafted out of Arizona State.  I'm interested in seeing this kid since it's not too often that guys skip the minors and almost unheard of among pitchers.  On the Giants side of things Mr. TBA is also intriguing.  Are the Giants gonna drag Todd Wellemeyer out to torture us, and I'm sure himself, again?   Are they going to call up one of their minor league guys?  If they bring up a minor league guy, who will it be?

Joe Martinez just threw a complete game the other night and only gave up one run.  Eric Hacker just came off of a horrible start where he gave up 6 earned runs in 5 IP which was also the third of 3 not too good starts in a row.  Kevin Pucetas has has been placed on the DL with an ankle sprain.. 

The Giants could also move Tim Lincecum up a day but I think they would rather stick hot coals down their pants than do that.  Also, Madison Bumgarner is scheduled to start tomorrow so if he is the guy, we will know it tomorrow because he would be unavailable for Thursday if he pitches tomorrow.

The most likely scenarios are either Joe Martinez or Wellemeyer.  A lot depends on how the first 3 games in the series play out so we probably won't know anything until Wednesday at the earliest unless Madbum doesn't pitch tomorrow.

On the farm:

The Grizzlies inproved their record to 37-20 with an 8-6 win over the Sacramento River Cats and have an incredible 11.5 game lead over the Cats.  They have been doing it more on offense than on pitching which is ironic when you consider the big club's offensive woes.

John Bowker was 2 for 4 with 3 RBIs.  Eugenio Velez belted 2 HRs and is hitting .333 so you can bet we will see him dropping more balls in the outfield again this season.  Brock Bond, who I think will be the Giants second baseman of the future, hit a HR and scored two runs.  Mark DeRosa did not play in what Giants Beat Writer Andrew Baggerly said on Twitter is a routine day off.  Still no word on the wrist.

Fun fact of the day:  Today's starters for Fresno Matt Kinney (0-2) and Sacramento John Halama (1-1), have combined for more Major League starts than Tim Lincecum and Jonathan Sanchez- 177 to 156, including Timmy's start this morning.

Nate watch:

Nate got in the game when he pinch ran for Posey in the 8th.  He drew a walk which gives him 5 walks in the last 10 games the Giants have played.  Of those 10 games, Nate has played in about 8 of them and he has only played more than an inning or two in about 3 of those.  Aaron Rowand has 5 walks all season.  However that Andrew Baggerly guy also reports that Bochy may be starting to get frustrated with Rowand.  Hopefully that means a couple of starts for Nate with Torres in center rather than going with Burrell in left, Torres in center, and Huff in right which would be the worst defensive outfield the Giants could possibly throw out there.

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