Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'll take a 5-1 homestand!


I mean really, how much more can you ask for?  Well I guess you could ask for 6-0 but I will take 5-1.

Lincecum had an odd outing.   He had 10ks and allowed 2 runs in 6.0 innings.  Which is pretty good, but then you see that he also walked 4 guys and gave up 8 hits.  To the Orioles of all teams.  This team is at or near the bottom of every offensive category so the fact that Timmy gave up so many hits to this team is slightly perplexing.  Is it a sign that his troubles may not be over?   Is it because he partied to hard for his birthday? 

Whatever the reason, he found a way to win.  That's what great players do.  Timmy did get hit by a line drive in the 6th inning but from all the reports I can see after the game he will be OK.  Although all of them quote Bruce Bochy as their source.   So his definition of OK may be slightly different than everyone else.

The best part of the game had to be the back to back HRs by Huff and Uribe.  These guys are quickly becoming the heart and soul of the Giants lineup.  They both have 11 HRs on the season and they keep hitting them in the same game as if they are trying to outdo each other.  Hey whatever it takes. Just keep it up! 

On another note, I thought that Aubrey Huff was over the hill but after seeing that he is actually 2 months younger than I am I think he is a young stud!  By the way Huff's homer was the 52nd splash hit in AT&T's history!  That's where young men hit their homers.  Well young men and Barry Bonds.

On the farm:

At the time of this writing Richmond and Augusta were in the middle of their games and San Jose and Fresno were going to play later.

The Giants really have a number of exciting guys in their farm system that really should give the Giants hope for the future.  They also have enough prospects to make a deal for a bona fide slugger like Paul Konerko and still be set up for the future.  More on the farm system tomorrow.

Nate Watch:

Well Bochy doesn't completely hat Nate after all.  Nate got a rare start in right.  Went 0 for 3 at the plate, but did drive in the Giants 6th run of the afternoon with a Sacrifice fly.  He didn't have too many tough chances in the outfield and had one throw to the plate that was off-target.  If the throw had been on target he probably would have got the runner but when you don't play that often you don't have the opportunity to stay sharp.

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