Monday, September 6, 2010

And then there was one........ Game between the Giants and the Padres


Is there anybody out there that still thinks the Giants should have traded Jonathan Sanchez at the trade deadline?

Jonathan Sanchez took his perfectly shaped eyebrows to the mound with him in Los Angeles and shut the Dodgers down.  He went 7 sparkling innings, struck out 9, and walked only one batter!

The walk stat is huge because that is the one thing that has been keeping Sanchez from reaching the next level and becoming a more consistent pitcher.  He has walked 3 batters or less in each of his last 6 starts including tonight.  If he can keep his walks down the rest of the year then he will be tough coming out of the #4 spot in the rotation down the stretch.

Juan Uribe.

What can I say about this guy other than I hope that ball he took off the shin isn't too serious. (I think it wast the Mercury News that said he is expected to be OK tomorrow)  His homerun in the 7th inning was huge.  A 1 run game in the 8th and 9th can be lost so many different ways, ask Cody Ross, but a 3-0 game takes a little more work.  Uribe has hit so many important homers for the Giants this year and this one basically put a nail in tonight's game and probably the Dodgers' season.

Nothing wrong with that.

2 more quick links:

The Mercury News makes a good point as to why Brandon Belt won't be up this season.  Although I do wonder why guys like Brett Pill don't get the call but I'm not the GM.

Lastly this video is hilarious.  It's a Dodgers' fan otherwise it wouldn't be as funny but since it is I am laughing every time I even think about this clip:

Oh, I almost forgot we had a Sergio Romo sighting tonight:

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