Friday, September 10, 2010

Giants clobber the Padres!


Look at all those Giants fans in the stands!
The Giants launched four homeruns to whip up on the once-again reeling Padres.  After the useless Dodgers gave all of Giants nation indigestion by letting the Padres sweep them and making it appear the Padres had righted their ship.

This game was absolutely huge for the Giants mentally.  They hadn't scored more than 2 runs in a game against the Padres since a 7-6 win waaaay back on May 18.  it took 13 innings for them to score those 7 runs.  Aubrey Huff, Juan Uribe, Buster Posey, and Pat Burrell each went deep in consecutive innings which is something that the Giants hadn't done since 2007 against the Braves.

While reveling in all the offensive glory, I almost forgot to give credit to Matt Cain who did nothing but shut the Padres down on three hits going into the 9th inning.  If it wasn't for giving up homers to Venable and Ludwick, we would be talking about Cain's dominant performance.  But it will be sufficient to say that he did exactly what the Giants needed him to do at exactly the right time.  He is still, at least in my book, the Giants' best starting pitcher this season.

The final and most emberassing statistic for the Padres had to be the attendance figures for the game.  You figure a team has to sell out a home game against the second place team who are only two games back with 20 games left in the season.  Right?  Even the Oakland A's could sell all their tickets for a game like that right?  

Well, you would be wrong.  Even with the 10,000 or so Giants fans who made the trek to San Diego for the game.  The Padres only managed to draw 28,456 people to fill their 42,000 seats.  That has gotta be depressing for a home team.

Tonight Jonathan Sanchez faces Clayton Richard in a battle of lefties.  Ol' Dirty will be gunning for his third straight quality start while the Giants offense will try to figure out Richard who is 3-0 with a 2.05 ERA against the Giants this season.  But just like the Padres record against the Giants this season, the numbers need to do a little evening out.

Gotta give credit to the Crazycrabbers for giving me the idea but here is my ode to the Padres:

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