Thursday, September 30, 2010



Tim Lincecum struck out 11 Diamondbacks last night en route to his 16th victory of the season.  The San Francisco Giants magic number has bee reduced to three!

After the Giants announced that they would be flip flopping their rotation some more this weekend.  It was up to the anchor of that staff to go out and pitch.  Lincecum went out and proved all the flip flopping was a good idea.

Despite the 11 strikeouts, Lincecum wasn't dominant.  He walked four Diamondback batters and allowed 6 hits, one of which was Stephen Drew's homerun to lead off the game.  That would be the only run he would allow to score.  It ran his record to 16-10 which gives him one more win than he had last year in his second Cy Young season.  It's hard to believe but for all his struggles Lincecum is still probably going to win his 3rd straight strikeout title and is tied for fourth in the NL in wins.

Pat Burrell has to be one of the best early season waiver wire claims of all-time.  I, and many other fans, thought it would be nice to see a bay area boy come home and get some ABs off the bench.  But this guy played his way into the starting lineup since day 1.  I honestly don't know where the Giants would be without him.  There have been at least 3 games this season where the only runs the Giants would score would be on Pat Burrell homeruns but it would be enough to win the game.  Including Lincecum's last 2 starts.

San Diego's win last night ensures the Giants have to beat the Pads at least once in San Francisco to win the division.  It will sure be nice watching the Giants celebrate at home against the Padres.  Hopefully there are some good shots of Mat Latos crying while the Giants are celebrating.

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