Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The curse of Barry Zito


7 yrs $126 million.

The Giants and Barry Zito cursed themselves when they blew up the market for a former ace pitcher whose best years were behind him.  They doomed themselves to a guy who has an ERA over 8.00 in his last 7 starts and has lost all 7 of them despite the fact that he allowed 2 runs or less 3 out of those 7 starts.  The Giants are just going to lose with this guy on the mound.  It's that simple.

Last night was the second time this season that the Giants have 1-hit an opponent and still lost the game? (the first time was April 20 with Jonathan Sanchez on the mound against SD) This has had only happened 46 times since 1920.  This happening one time in a season is a statistical oddity.  Twice in a season is a curse.

Adding insult to injury, the Dodgers scored their only run on an error which would have ended the inning with no runs scored.  Zito would have been in the Giants dugout with a tie and we probably would still be watching this game since neither team looked like they really wanted to score any runs tonight.

Also, if the Giants do make the playoffs this season,  I vote that nobody on the offense gets a playoff share.  The Giants offense has scored 2 runs or less an astonishing 51 times this season.  They have been shutout 13 of those times.  They have also won exactly twice when scoring 1 run this season.  one of those games came against SD last Friday.

You want to know something that will really blow your mind?  Barry Zito has been on the hill for 13 of those 51 games where the Giants have scored 2 runs or less.  They have scored 3 runs or less in 21 of his 31 starts.  he has actually given up 3 runs or less in 22 of his 31 starts.  So in order for his record to be 8-13 the Giants offense must have had to work really hard to not score any runs for the guy.  I mean seriously, how many pitchers hold the opposition to 3 runs or less in more than 2/3 of their starts and still have a losing record?  The hitters  must be mad that he makes waaay more money than they do.

Talk about cursed.

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