Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Giants are looking old. They need to start looking Mad


The only Giant to show some anger
When the Brewers, losers of 10 of their last 15 games, rolled into town the last thing that you would have thought was that they would take the first two games and be in position for a sweep.

But that's how it goes in Giantsland these days.

The pitching has been stellar in September.  They have given up 29 runs the entire month!  That's 16 games.  But they are just 10-7 in September. The Giants should have realistically won all but 2 of those games(the only two in which they gave up more than 3 runs).  But they have scored 2 runs or less in 10 games this month.

The offense needs to look at themselves in the mirror and decide if they like what they see.

That offense slapped 5 measly singles add that to the three singles that they got the night before and that adds up to 8 singles in 2 games.  Not exactly an offensive juggernaut.

Not that the defense has been any better.  In the first game they made 2 errors and could have easily had more if their fielders would have even been able to make it to the ball.  Last night's game came down to Pablo Sandoval's decision to throw home without stepping on third base to at least try for an inning ending double play with the bases loaded.  That gave the Brewers another chance with the bases loaded and they took advantage of it to the tune of 2 runs.  Which was all they needed.

The most telling sign about the state of the Giants was after Tim Lincecum was pulled in the bottom of the fifth inning.  He was heated with his manager (and likely with his offense) at the fact that he was being pulled.  He had been pitching well and the score was only 2-0.  You would think that this would get the team fired up to see their ace so upset.  It did upset them enough to score a run on a booming RBI groundout.  But the anger ended there.

This is the problem with the Giants.  They don't seem to be angry with the fact that they are getting embarrassed offensively each night.  Sure Yovanni Gallardo is a pretty good pitcher but Randy Wolf  was sporting a 4.52 ERA coming in to the game and hadn't thrown a shutout since 2008.  The Giants need to get mad about falling into second.  They need to get mad that the Dodgers refuse to help them.  They need to get mad that they are putting an embarrassing product out on the field each night.

They just need to get mad before it's too late.

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