Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cain gets roughed up in the city of brotherly love


It was almost a carbon copy of the game the night before.  The Giants jumped out to an early lead, the starter was shutting the Phillies down, the Phillies tied the game, in the next inning they put the game away, and Pat Burrell homered.

All the Sabean and Bochy detractors are getting ready to start dancing in the streets especially after two of Sabean's trade pickups contributed to the losses the last couple of nights, with Mike Fontenot's errors and Chris Ray's Ray's inability to get batters out.  At least Ray won't be able to give up any more runs now that he is on the DL.  But at least we got Affeldt back so he can give up a couple of runs for him!

The Giants this season are 67-54 which is a huge improvement over last season right?

Well it is an improvement but considering the Giants were 66-55 at this point last season, you realize that maybe things aren't that much better.  Last season around this time, the Giants went into a slide that cost them the playoffs and this season's version of the Giants look poised to do the same.

Nothing looks right for the Giants.  The offense couldn't take advantage of the Phillis weakest link in Joe Blanton.  To show what a difference an offense makes, Blanton's ERA coming into last nights game was actually higher than Todd Wellemeyer's 5.69 to 5.68.  Wellemeyer was DFA and Blanton looks to be a factor on the Phillies all the way to the playoffs.

However, if you want to pin the recent losses on the offense then one would have to assume the Giants pitching staff has been doing it's job.  Well, when you consider that in the last 3 games that the Giants have lost after they won that 11 inning affair vs the Padres on Saturday, the Giants pitchers have given up 8, 9, and 8 runs, you realize that the rotation isn't doing it's job.

But cheer up Giants faithful, the Phillie favorite Aaron Rowand will be making an appearance in the starting lineup today so Huff can get a day off and Posey can rest his legs at first base!

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