Sunday, August 8, 2010

The season is not slipping away

There are a lot of people out there who are very unhappy that the Giants did not get a bat at the trade deadline. They will point to the last 3 games in Atlanta as proof that the Giants offense can't get the job done and the fact that they are no longer dominating now that they are playing better teams will be another reason that the Giants can't get it done.

They would be wrong.

Now look, you can never go wrong with more offense but the cost to the Giants would have just been too great.  There is no way that you can justify giving up a pitcher in the starting rotation even for a guy like Adam Dunn.

But the Giants were shut out last night!

The way Hudson was pitching last night, the Giants could have had Albert Pujols in the lineup and still get shut out.  He looked more like the Tim Hudson on the right than the Tim Hudson of the last few years.

I'm not saying that we have the best offense in the world.  It would have been nice to improve the offense, nobody is disputing that, but it did not happen.

The last few games are what are supposed to happen.  You have a tough time against good teams.  Teams don't just steamroll through the regular season too often.  You beat up on the bad teams as the Giants have done and then hold your own against the good teams.

The Giants are doing that.  This loss evened the series series against the Braves at 3 games each.  They have a 2-1 season series lead over the Phillies and Cardinals, they are tied with the Reds at 2 games apiece, and they are tied with the Dodgers at 6 games each.  The only teams they have had problems beating this season are Colorado (5-7) and  San Diego (1-7). 

The Giants will be in position to tie the series today.  Which would be a huge accomplishment when you consider that the Braves have the best home record in baseball, are tied for the most wins, with the Giants and Padres I might add, in the National League, and have three pitchers who have over 8 wins already.

Then it's back to San Francisco to face the Cubs!

Link of the Day:

Jerry Rice officially went into the Hall of Fame yesterday.  Rice was the best player ever to put on football pads.  He thrilled us for so long here in the Bay Area and he showed us how to win and dominate at the wide receiver position.

Congratulations Jerry!  You deserve it!

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