Monday, August 23, 2010

Giants demolish Reds I'm still not sure I'm back on the Bandwagon


Oh you Giants.  You are like the sexy girlfriend who I just can't leave no matter how bad she makes me feel.  Just when you do something to me to make me think that I am done with you for the season, you lay the smack down on a team, a first place team no less, and you lay it down good.

But I have been hurt too many times to come running back.  Sure you started the season with a 5 game winning streak, but then the Dodgers and the Padres came to town.  They whipped the crap out of you so bad that you could only muster one win against the two teams in the span of 6 games.  Then you battled admirably and were right back in the thick of things.

But then there was that 7 game losing streak.

It looked like it was the beginning of the end.  The Giants weren't hitting, they weren't pitching, and they were 7 games out of first place.  With the lack of offense this team was displaying who in their right mind would think that this team had a chance in hell of making some noise come August?

Then came the trade to send Molina packing and make Buster Posey the full time catcher.  This led to an amazing July.  The Giants scored more runs and won more games than any team in all of baseball.  Hell they even swept the Dodgers.

Then August started.  A tough road trip through Colorado and Atlanta got the month off to a bad start, a home series with the Cubs was a little harder than it needed to be and then the Padres came to town again.

The emotions ran the gamut in the series with the Padres.  From a frustrating 3-2 loss in game one, to an amazing, come-from-behind extra inning win in the second game that had us thinking the corner had been turned, and finally an embarrassing 8-2 ass whipping at the hands of the same Padres.

Things got worse in Philly but you were able to ride a great performance from Jonathan Sanchez to an impressive win.  This was followed by another great effort from the youngest player on the team, Madison Bumgarner, and hope started to blossom.  But that hoped was quickly squashed by Chris Carpenter and Jaime Garcia.  Hell, even the Buster Posey Rookie of the Year odds took a huge blow from the complete game 3 hitter that Garcia twirled.

So, I refuse to get excited over one game.  I refuse to be excited that Aubrey Huff, Buster Posey, Freddy Sanchez, and Pablo Sandoval all had multi-hit games.  I refuse to be elated over the fact that Matt Cain showed us why he is the best pitcher on the Giants staff this season not named Brian Wilson.  I refuse to take heart in the way the Giants showed a team who had won 8 of the last 10 who the real contender is .

But come Friday I could be excited again.

While you are waiting for tomorrow's showdown between Jonathan Sanchez and Travis Wood , take a minute to go and read Aubrey Huff's blog.

I'll bet you a dollar it brings a tear to your eye.

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