Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You win some you lose some


The game looked like it was a game that the Giants were destined to lose.  Everyone who looked at this series and saw that Ubaldo Jimenez was pitching chalked the game up as a loss for the men in orange and black.  Most were predicting a split of the series and it looked like the Giants believed them.

The Giants managed 4 hits, one run, and 9 strikeouts against the former NL Cy Young frontrunner. Not an impressive line at all.  Well not if you are a Giants fan that is.

But at the end of the day it just seemed like the Giants were flat which I guess they are allowed to be every 2 out of 10 games or so.

The only really disappointing development today was Madison Bumgarner's performance.  Not that he was especially terrible today but he looked pretty hittable.  The Rockies got 9 hits off him in 4 innings but he worked himself out of a jam or two to limit the damage to only four runs.  The reason why this is disappointing is that Bumgarner may be on the verge of becoming fatigued.  He is about 10 innings away from equaling his career high of 141 2/3 IP.

But it could have just been another flat performance on a day full of flat performances by the Giants.  But it is worth keeping an eye on.

I kinda feel flat writing this post today....

Links of the day:

Congratulations to Buster Posey for winning both the NL Rookie of the month and NL Player of the month awards.  It kinda seems redundant to give both awards to the same guy but since it's a Giant and not some other loser I'm not complaining!

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