Monday, August 9, 2010

A disappointing trip


The Giants finished the roadtrip 2-4.  They scored 10 runs in one game and didn't score any more than 3 runs in any other game scoring a total of 9 runs during those 5 contests.  No matter how you look dissect the numbers, it was a bad trip.

Looking on the bright side as I try to do in this blog, the Giants are still just 2 games out of first place, they are starting a homestand in which they face the not very good Cubs and have a first place showdown with the Padres.  The NL west could have a very different look after this weekend.

In keeping with the positives the Giants are 33-20 at home and 30-29 on the road.  Even after their bad road trip.  This is a huge improvement over last season when they were 36 and 45 on the road.  Their inability to win on the road likely cost them the division.

The reality of this season is that the NL west is going to come down to September.  The Giants play every game, except for a 6 games against the Brewers and Cubs on Sept. 17-23, against NL west teams.They play 5 games against the Dodgers, 4 against the Padres, 4 against the Rockies and 6 against the D-Backs including the final 3 game series of the season.  This is where the NL west will be decided.  As much as we want to look at games here in early August and predict what will happen to the Giants, the fact of the matter is they won't determine the outcome of the division.

Also, with 7 games against the Padres, the Giants will need to figure out how to beat them a few times.  it doesn't matter how they do against the other teams, they have to beat the Padres or they will not win the division.  That's all it boils down to.

Links of the day:

Richmond Flying SquirrelsImage via Wikipedia
Giants prospect Sharlon Schoop had 6 RBIs yesterday for the Giants AA affiliate Richmond Flying Squirrels. Schoop is a little farther down the prospect hierarchy, but he is 23 and a guy that the Giants have some confidence in.  He's hitting .294 for Richmond after hitting .281 at A ball Augusta.  Keep an eye on him while you are looking at how guys like Brandon Belt, Thomas Neal, and Conor Gillaspie are doing.

It also looks like the Giants have called up Emmanuel Burriss to deepen their bench.  No word on who they are moving to make room for him on the roster but I will go out on a limb and predict it's a pitcher.

Speaking of going out on a limb.  After taking the loss against the Braves yesterday Jonathan Sanchez came out and predicted that the Giants would sweep the Padres this weekend.  Hopefully it gives the guy something to focus on when he throws against the Padres this weekend.  But I like it.  It shows a little bit of confidence from the lefty.  Something that is called into question about him every once in a while.

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