Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The G-men break out the Whoopin Sticks!


A 10-0 shutout in Colorado?  Where do we begin?

There were so many contributors last night.  7 Giants had multi-hit games, Juan Uribe came off the bench to get an RBI, and the Giants clubbed 3 homeruns!

But for me the player of the game is Jonathan Sanchez.

Coming off a series against the Cubs in which they scored 31 runs, had a record 11 straight hits in one inning, and ran their win streak to 4 in a row.  It would have been an understatement to say that the Rockies offense was hot.

Jonathan Sanchez woke up at 2PM Tuesday afternoon after sleeping off the effects of a fever he suffered from on Monday  If he showed up and pitched say 6 innings it would be understandable.

Well pitch 6 innings he did.  Through those 6 innings he struck out 9, allowed only 3 hits, and it wouldn't be a Jonathan Sanchez start if he didn't allow the 4 walks that he did.

 7 of Sanchez's strikeouts all came in a row.  Which is pretty amazing in and of itself but it becomes even more impressive when you realize that 7 Ks in a row is a franchise record held by the Hall of Famer Juan Marichal set 46 years ago!

I know a lot of people were clamoring for the Giants to pick up a bat at the deadline at the expense of Dirty Sanchez.  Give credit to Sanchez, he responded by showing the Giants exactly what they would be missing if they gave him up.  This is the second time that the lefty has placed himself in the Giants record books in the last 2 years.  Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, Jason Schmidt, John Burkett, Bill Swift, Shawn Estes, Mike Krukow, and countless other Giants pitchers have pitched for the team in the last 46 years and they haven't done the things that Sanchez has done.

Another thing to consider about Sanchez.  He is our 4th starter.  4th starters are usually inconsistent.  They usually can win or lose on any given day.  They usually aren't capable of dominance the way that Sanchez is capable of.

Sanchez's record is 8-6,  his ERA is good for 18th in the NL,  His 136 strikeouts are good for 10th in the NL, and his 9.56 K/9 is good for 2nd in the NL.

How do you replace that in the rotation? Not only that, how do you replace anybody in the Giants rotation when you consider the next best option after the guys that they have in their currently is Todd Wellemeyer.

Also, what do the Giants do when they have to limit the amount of innings that Madison Bumgarner throws later this season if Sanchez is gone?  Bring up another minor leaguer?  I'm sorry but this is one move that the Giants didn't make that made sense.

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