Saturday, August 21, 2010

IT's Madbum's world and we are all just living in it

June 26, 2010 - San Francisco, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES - epa02225550 San Francisco Giants' rookie pitcher Madison Bumgarner releases a pitch against the Boston Red Sox at AT&T Park in San Francisco, California, USA, 26 June 2010. It was Bumgarner's 2010 debut after being called up from Triple-A ball, but gave up four runs in seven innings as the Red Sox defeated the Giants 4-2.
Madison Bumgarner has delivered on his promise.

Sure, his 5-4 record does not blow you away, but how many kids come up in the middle of a pennant race and throw quality starts back to back the way that he has?  At 21 years old no less?

Not many that's for sure.  Aubrey Huff summed him up pretty good tonight: “He’s country redneck, man, He’s got great stuff, he pounds the zone. You’re looking at a kid on the mound … He’s a veteran guy in a 21-year-old body.”

Nothing seems to rattle Bumgarner.  He gives up a few hits, and then he settles down, gets out of the jam, and comes out the next inning or so and gets an RBI hit himself.  He has already exceeded his career high for innings pitched but if he is getting weary then he sure isn't showing it.  He only walked one batter last night and that was the Great Albert Pujols.  Which is understandable since you are trying to walk him and hoping that he gets himself out.

I'm also going to declare right now that Pablo Sandoval is back.  First he hits a homerun right handed in Philadelphia, then he hits another homerun last night and a booming double for good measure.  Did you know that this marks the first time since August of LAST YEAR that Pablo has homered in back to back games?  It is yet another encouraging sign that the Giants third baseman is returning to form.  At this point in the season it is going to be pretty much impossible to get his average to .325 no matter how he hits, but I would be excited to see him finish the season somewhere in the high .280s.

Oh and some guy named Buster Posey had 2 doubles last night for the second night in a row.  It gets easy to forget that Buster is still out there doing his thing because now he is doing it so often it is old news.  Really, did you know that he is working on another 7 game hitting streak?  Coming in to last night's game he had hit in 6 straight and was batting a robust .440 in those 6 games.  All I can say to that is Rookie of The Year.   


The Giants put in a waiver wire claim on the Marlins' Cody Ross.  It sounds more like a blocking claim from what is being reported everywhere but the Giants could conceiveably wind up with him since the Marlins are really hot to move him.  Although with Juan Uribe's latest injury the Giants seem to be in need of infield help more than anything.  But still it's better for the Giatns to be stuck with this guy rather than the Padres get him!

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