Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cardboard Memories

 Cardboard Gold has been changed to Cardboard Memories I know that Cardboard Gold was really hugely popular and all but I like Cardboard Memories better! 

Today's entry is the 1988 Fleer Mike Aldrete.  I'll always remember Aldrete as the guy who didn't wear batting gloves. 

The 1988 Fleer set was the most popular baseball card set of 1988.  It easily had the nicest design of any set released in 1988 and clocked in at a whopping 660 cards!

Mike Aldrete played 3 seasons for the Giants from 1986 through 1988 and was traded to the Montreal Expos, remember them?, following the 1988 season for OF Tracy Jones.  In 1988 Mike Aldrete made a huge salary of $160,000.00

The stats from the prior season, 1987, are from what was Aldrete's best season as a big leaguer.  he hit .325, with 51 RBIs, and had an OPS of .858 all of which were career highs for him.  his HR total of 9 was the second best of his career.  He would hit 10 with the Oakland A's in 1993.

His postseason career was unremarkable.  He was on the 1987 Giants playoff team that lost to the St. Louis Cardinals 4 games to 3.  It would be another 10 years before he reached the playoffs again but when he did he was a member of the 1996 Yankees team that beat the Braves.  He had one AB in that World Series and did not get a hit but he got a ring.

It's hard to believe that Aldrete only played for the Giants for 3 seasons.  I guess when you are 11 years old you pay a little more attention to your favorites so they stick out more in your mind.  Like I mentioned before Aldrete didn't wear batting gloves when he played for the Giants and when you are 11 that's something that makes a player cool!

Go Giants!



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  1. wow. i haven't seen this card design in YEARS!! i used to have the clark and mitchell ones

    the name mike aldrete sounds familiar, but like any giants fan at the time, it was all about clark - wow thanks for sharing hahaha