Friday, July 2, 2010

At least they scored 3 runs


About 2 weeks ago, this team was looking promising.  They were scoring runs, pitching well, and winning games.

Then they went to Toronto.

The Giants haven't won a series since they played the Orioles back on June 14-16.  Since that time they are 3 - 10 and they have now lost 3 in a row.  The offense scored 3 runs for the first time in 6 games but the pitching staff gave up 7 runs.

The result was another loss.

The only real positive from this game is that the Giants future was on display and performed well.  Buster Posey was the only Giant to get more than one hit, including his second homer, and Madison Bumgarner threw 7 decent innings.  They seemed to be the only 2 Giants who decided to show up to play.

More fallout from the Molina trade.

The PTBNL turns out to be minor league pitcher Michael Main.  He is a mid level pitcher who has had a few issues recently but throws hard and possibly projects to the bullpen.  It really makes this a good deal for the Giants.  It was actually a good deal for both teams since that Rangers had almost zero production from their catchers and the Giants lineup couldn't afford the non-production from Molina.

Molina was a good Giant.  Up until this season, he was solid offensively and really shaped and molded our excellent staff.  He will be missed.

What is wrong with the pitchers?

A lot of what is wrong with the starters can be boiled down to a slump.

I think a lot of what ails them is actually related to the offensive struggles.

You always hear baseball pitchers say that it's not necessarily pitch count that matters but how many high stress pitches a pitcher throws.  Usually high stress pitches come from situations where the game is close and every pitch the pitcher makes can lose the game so a pitcher has got to be almost perfect with each pitch.

Almost every pitch a Giants starter has thrown can classify as a high stress pitch.

The Giants staff is usually pitching with one or two runs of support and each pitch they throw has the potential to lose the game for them.  They are constantly under pressure to be perfect or lose.  The Giants haven't even scored more than 3 runs since June 25th so there hasn't been one instance where a pitcher has had a 2 or 3 run lead since at least then.

With all the stress on the staff, slumps like this are inevitable.  They are inevitable anyway, but when the offense can't score enough runs to pick up Barry Zito who battles and battles and only gives up 2 runs, it is disastrous for a team and that starter.

The bottom line is the Giants need more offense.

The only rumor on the search for more offense is that the Giants want Jonathan Sanchez and Thomas Neal for Prince Fielder.  The Giants are balking at that deal and I can understand why.  Who are they going to replace Sanchez in the rotation with?  If they can figure out the answer to that question then I am all for the deal.  right now the Giants can't afford to replace anybody in the starting rotation.   Although a little offensive firepower makes the starters all look a little better.  They also probably don't want to part with Neal.

Nate watch, Bowker watch, and prospect watch:
Nate got a start and went 1 for 4.  Hopefully with some regular playing time he can start to hit with some authority.  John Bowker went 0 for 2 for Fresno and lowered his average to a paltry .323.  Lastly Brandon Belt the San Jose Giants first baseman was promoted to AA Richmond.  Belt was batting a respectable .383 with 10 homeruns for San Jose so hopefully he can continue that success in Richmond.

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