Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's finally a rivalry!


About the only thing that went wrong for the Giants was Tim Lincecum giving up 5 runs.

They even got a boost in the ninth from Bruce Bochy!

Bochy proved that he doesn't always sleep in the dugout.  At least he wasn't last night when Donny Baseball decided to turn back towards the mound after starting on his way back to the dugout.  A surprisingly alert Bochy, the guy's nickname is SLEEPY after all, notified the umpire of Mattingly's blunder and made him remove Closer Jonathan Broxton from the game!

Now this kind of rule technicality usually seems kinda cheap to me but since it didn't happen against the Giants and it happened against the Dodgers to boot I am OK with it!

The Giants site has replays from both the Giants and Dodgers telecasts and the Hall of Famers Jon Miller and Vin Scully both knew immediately what happened.  You gotta give credit to the umps having seen it.

Mattingly was in there as the Dodgers manage after Joe Torre, Clayton Kershaw, and a bench coach were all ejected earlier in the game after the home plate umpire determined that Kershaw hit Aaron Rowand on the first pitch of the 7th inning in retaliation for Lincecum catching Kemp's jersey in the 5th and a brushback pitch from Denny Bautista in the 6th.

The best development of all was the fact that the Giants offense was able to overcome the shaky outing by Lincecum and come from a 5-1 deficit making this the first series victory over the Dodgers this season after San Francisco had rolled over and played dead against the Dodgers all season long.

Link of the day:

In the kind of thing that only happens in baseball, Lefty O'Doul's left arm was returned.  Apparently at Lefty O'Doul's restaurant and tavern they used to have a mannequin of old Lefty that stood in the entrance greeting the patrons as they came in to enjoy a few adult beverages.  Then one day three years ago a couple of drunks made off with Lefty's left arm.

Well that arm has made it's way around,  You absolutely have to view the slideshow to believe it!, the drunks took pictures of Lefty's arm in various places around what appears to be Iowa or somewhere else in the midwest, the package did have a return address in Des Moines and it appears that Lefty's limb took part in RAGBRAI , and they finally the arm home along with a bunch of pictures of Lefty's arm enjoying the sights.

I may have to stop by Lefty O'Doul's next time I am in San Francisco to see the arm and more of it's pictures.

Maybe the return pf Lefty's limb can be the spark of a World Series title!

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