Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Huffman Cometh


During all the hoopla surrounding Buster Posey during his 21 game hitting streak, Aubrey Huff has been in the background quietly making his contributions to the Giants recent winning ways. 

During Posey's 21 game hitting streak Huff: Had a 12 game hit streak of his own, hit .382, with a Bondsian .484 OBP, He also spanked 4 homeruns and drove in 15.

While Posey is being considered for rookie of the year, I would like to present you with the case for Huff for MVP.  Huff is leading the Giants in average (.313), RBIs (65), and HRs (20).  He has played 1B, LF, and RF.  He has played all those positions well after being considered a defensive liability at best.  in short, he has done everything the Giants have asked of him and produced at a high level while playing 3 different positions.  I'd like to see King Albert do that.

Huff's philosophy on this season: "If I don't go out there and perform, those nine years of losing mean absolutely nothing"  This guy is glad to be here!

One note from last night's game:

I know it went down as a wild pitch for Jonathan Sanchez, but the pitch he threw in the dirt in the 9th inning showed a little bit of what the Giants were talking about when they were hesitant to bring up Buster Posey earlier this season.  Posey did a poor job of dropping to the ground and blocking that ball. Considering he had a runner at third, Posey should have made an attempt to smother that ball rather than try to short hop it.

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