Saturday, July 3, 2010

Should the Giants be buyers or sellers?


The Giants have lost their 7th game in a row.  They are now in 4th place, 6.5 games back of the first place Padres.  They have not scored more than 3 runs in 7 straight games.

Will a bat really help this team or should they be going for prospects?

I have heard some folks out there say that this season is lost and that the Giants should just blow it up and get prospects for their bigger pieces.  Namely Huff, Uribe, and Burrell.  This sounds good in theory because you would have to believe that the Giants are not going to win another game this season.

Well the fact is they are going to win another game this season.  They have played pretty good baseball and despite losing 7 in a row they are still a game over .500.

If you trade for prospects that means that you don't think that the Giants will be able to win next year.  Which also happens to be the last season that the Giants rotation will probably have Cain, Lincecum, Sanchez, and Bumgarner all together.  With pay raises and pending salary arbitration the Giants starting 5 alone has the potential to command contracts approaching $100 million alone in 2012.

If you think the Giants can afford that, then you are crazy.

They would be lucky to get some prospects that are going to be ready next season no matter how good they ultimately turn out to be.  While Huff and Uribe are good players they will still not garner a whole lot of major league ready talent.  So you trade away two of your potential team leader for next season (potential because neither of them are signed past this season) and decide that you are shooting for 2012.

A trade for a bat, Prince Fielder for instance, would instantly give this lineup some sort of presence.  The batters in front of him would all get more pitches to hit and the guys behind him would be batting with runners on more often.  the team would be a totally different animal.  They would be able to take advantage of the current group of young pitchers that they have and Fielder has a contract that is valid through next season.

Plus McDonald's in the bay area would start to do a ton more business:

Nate, Bowker watch:

Nate came in to run for Burrell in the 6th.  He had an assist in the outfield and went 0 for 1.

Nate pinch running for Burrell in the 6th makes you wonder about Bochy.  At that point it's only 4-3 and you decide that you are going to pinch run for your cleanup hitter?  So either Bochy has no sense as a manager, He has little faith in Pat Burrell, Burrell is hurt, or he suddenly has a lot of faith in Nate Schierholtz.  I'll let you decide.

John Bowker went 0 for 5 in a Grizzlies 4-3 loss to Sacramento.  The Grizzlies are in a bit of a slump themselves having lost 4 games in a row.

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