Sunday, July 4, 2010

The streak is over!


It sure feels good to write about a win for a change.  I had almost forgotten what that was like.

Though Zito and the bullpen did try their hardest to lose this game.

After Travis Ishikawa hit his grand slam in the fourth inning off of Ubaldo Jimenez, it looked like nothing was going to stop the Giants today.  But apparently Barry Zito doesn't know what to do with a six run lead because he went ahead and gave up six runs in 5.1 innings himself.

At one point, the Giants were actually losing this game 8-7!

But the Giants showed that they actually do want to win games, which is not something they looked like they wanted to do during this 7 game losing streak.

Nate Schierholtz got the bats going again in the 7th with his leadoff triple and ultimately scored the tying run.  In the ninth, the Giants MVP of the first half, Aubrey Huff hit a 2 run homerun to give the Giants a little breathing room.

Looking at the schedule the Giants are going to put Matt Cain on the hill tomorrow against Jason Hammels.  If you need to know about the Giants offensive struggles this season you need to look no further than tomorrow's starter's records:

Matt Cain 6-7 2.93
Jason Hammel 6-3 4.32

Hammel is giving up almost a run and a half more a game than Cain, but Cain is the one with a sub .500 record.

So far the post Bengie era has been good for Nate and Ishikawa.  They have each had starts since the trade and have each contributed.   Bochy said that Ishikawa has "Forced the issue" with his pinch hitting and plans to give him another start.  Hopefully it's tomorrow!

Lastly, can we please stop with saying that we need to score more runs for Wilson?  This guy is about as close to lights out as you can get.  He has converted 21 of 23 save opportunities, he has converted 8 out of 8 one run games that he has entered and 6 out of 8 2 run games, He has 5 saves where he has had to work more than one inning, and he has a 2.18 ERA while Striking out 45 in 33.0 IP.

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