Friday, July 9, 2010

Giants sweep, Zito's pissed


Hey it's only the Brewers but it sure was fun!

I know the Brewers aren't the best team around, but it sure is fun to see runs being scored, your pitching do well , and get revenge for that celebration pictured on the right.

The power display was impressive again last night .  Huff, Torres, and Buster each hit homeruns for the second day in a row.

Barry Zito battled admirably.  He allowed 13 baserunners in 4.2 innings and was pulled while he was only one out away from qualifying for the win.  After the Game Zito said he was "pissed" and when he was asked if that anger was directed at Bochy he said a rather telling "no comment"

Now, Bochy aggravates the Giants fanbase to no end.  Many were upset yesterday that he brought in Bautista to replace Zito.  I have loudly questioned his intelligence this season myself.  But I gotta say I agree with Boch here.    Zito has nobody to be pissed off at but himself.   Bochy didn't allow those 13 baserunners, including the three that were on when he was pulled, and Bochy didn't blow the 6 run lead in Denver.  Hopefully Zito is pissed off enough in his next start to actually pitch well and he won't need to be in a situation to be pulled one out away from a victory.

Aubrey Huff is the Giants best hitter.

You can't even argue with it.  His 17 HRs, and 54 RBIs easily lead the team.  His .298 average is also the highest on the team although if Posey had enough ABs to qualify his .325 would lead the team.  Huff is the one guy who has produced consistently all season and his power display over the last 6 games, with 5 homeruns over that span, has been nothing short of incredible.  I shudder to think where the Giants would be if they didn't have Huff.

Mychael Urban of Comcast Sports Network has confirmed that the Giants are in trade talks with the Brewers for Corey Hart.  The Brewers are reportedly interested in Jonathan Sanchez for Hart.  I still think that this deal would be a monumental mistake for the Giants if B.S. were to pull the trigger.  I'm not sure who the Giants think they would replace Sanchez with. Martinez? Wellemeyer? Hacker?  Although the SF Chronicle is reporting that the Brewers may be saving B.S. from himself since they are reportedly not interested in dealing Hart.

There is a god!

This brings me to my link of the day:

The Crazy Crabbers take a look at whether or not the Corey Hart is a good fit for the Giants.  Again, it appears that Jonathan Sanchez would be to steep a price to pay for him.

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