Monday, July 26, 2010

Huffman and Robin

Batman had 3 different Robins.  Just like Bruce Wayne had Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake.  Aubrey Huff has now had multiple sidekicks to his Batman performance.

First it was Juan Uribe.  At one point Aubrey and Juan were trading homeruns left and right, knocking in runs all over the place, and taking turns being the heroes each night.

Then Juan got cold.  Until last night's grand slam he had been hitting .213 with one homerun and 7 RBIs over his last 20 games.

In the meantime, Aubrey's sidekick has been Buster Posey.  Over the last 20 games all he has done is hit .438, 7 homeruns, and driven in 22.  He also is in the midst of an 18 game hitting streak and seems to be winning games on a nightly basis.

Huff has been nearly as hot as Posey.  Over his last 20 games he is hitting .363 with 7 homeruns and 17 RBIs.  he is also the proud owner of a 12 game hitting streak that has been somewhat overshadowed by a certain rookie's streak.

If it wasn't for Aubrey Huff, I'm not sure where the Giants would be.  Sure Posey has transformed the Giants since his arrival but it was Huff who carried the team to the place it was before he got there.  One could argue that the Giants could have been nowhere near contending this season if Huff wasn't here.  Posey didn't have nearly as much pressure on him as he would have if there wasn't at least one guy providing some offense. 

Huff has also made it easier for the Giants to absorb Pablo Sandoval's season long slump.  Hopefully once the Panda comes back from handling his personal issues in Venezuela he will be the third Robin to Huff's Batman.

So Buster and Aubrey led the Giants to a four game sweep of the lowly Diamondbacks.  I know a lot of people like to point out that the Dbacks aren't a very good team but good teams are supposd to dominate the bad teams.  Besides, four game sweeps on the road just don't happen that often.  Even against bad teams.

Link of the day:

SF Chronicle writer Henry Schulman points out in his recap of the game that the Giants play only 19 of their final 63 games against teams that have a record below .500 at this point.  Which means that they will have to prove that they can beat winning teams.  Which is something that the detractors love to point out that the Giants have trouble doing.  Now a lot of this poor record against teams above .500 can be attributed to the fact that the Giants have lost 7 out of 8 to the Padres and 6 out of 9 to the Dodgers.

The Giants will be tested starting tomorrow since the Marlins come to town.  The fish are almost as hot as the Giants having won 7  of their last 10.

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