Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Congratulations Madison!


It's really amazing how different two 6-1 victories on consecutive days against the same team can look.

Monday's game looked like the Giants were always a pitch away from total disaster.  Jonathan Sanchez's 6 walks didn't help matters much.

In last night's game the Brewers were never much of a threat to score   They managed only 3 singles, two of which were weakly hit, off of Giant's rookie lefty Madison Bumgarner.

It was Bumgarner's first major league victory in four starts dating back to last season.  He was extremely impressive and lowered his season ERA to 2.86.  Maybe it will make guys like this realize that Madbum is a top of the rotation type of guy.

In other news the Giants are suddenly thin at shortstop.  Juan Uribe, who is hitting a robust .105 in his last 16 games, has come down with a hurt finger.  Which basically leads that Giants with just Edgar Renteria to play short.  This may mean a return of Ryan Rohlinger when they go back to 12 pitchers but past that there aren't many options other than going out and getting a shortstop.

In case you hadn't heard, the latest Giants trade rumor has them interested in the Brewers' Cory Hart.  Unless the Brew Crew is willing to take Aaron Rowand in return, I just don't see where this guy makes the Giants all that much better.  He is only hitting .264 on the road even though his power numbers are almost the same at home and on the road, the Giants are rumored to believe his numbers would be even worse playing his home games at AT&T.  He only hit 12 homers all of last season and has never hit more than 24 in a season.  Despite his recent 20 game hitting streak, the Giants would be getting him for his power rather than his career .275 average.  Besides, the Brewers are going to want a bunch of guys for Hart.

Now for the link of the day.

If you haven't read it already.  Head on over and check out Bengie Molina's final Giants blog.  He takes time to point out how close he and Buster Posey have become and showed what a class guy he is by telling the Giants players:

 "I just want to say thanks for being such great teammates and for taking care of me. I'm really going to miss you guys,'' I said. "You have what it takes to win this thing, and I'm going to watching as much as I can. You guys have my number. Even if I'm not your teammate any more, I'll always be your friend.''

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