Thursday, July 22, 2010

Zito hard luck loser once again


I think Barry Zito is still pissed.

After being pulled while being just one out away from a victory the start before last, Zito has been excellent on the mound.  He has only given up 3 runs in his last 16 IP.  The Giants however have only managed to scratch across one run for him in that time.  I'm not sure why this happens to certain guys, although until recently almost everyone on the Giants staff could say the same thing, but Zito and Cain seem to be bitten by the lack of run support bug especially hard.

The lack of offense was troubling.  Especially since the Giants struggle with their offense so much.  I'm not going to panic too much since the Giants also had trouble scoring against the Mets in the first 2 games of that series and were still able to take 2 out of 3.

The Giants head to Arizona where we will see the power of good pitching on display.  The D-cracks, despite having guys like Chris Young, Adam Laroche, and Mark Reynolds, are 19.5 games back because they have horrendous pitching.  I expect this series to be similar to the series in Milwaukee at the end of the first half!

The only other Giants news last night involved Buster Posey stretching his hitting streak to 15 games.  The Giants record for a rookie hitting streak is 22 which is held by Willie McCovey.  Buster's hitting streak is the longest rookie hitting streak since the 15 game hitting streak put together by one of my favorite all-time players, Mr. Mullet himself, Dan Gladden from way back in 1985! 

Looking for a Gladden picture was kinda disappointing since A. I remember him as  more of a power hitter than a guy who only hit 74 homeruns in 11 seasons.  B. Most of the pictures of him online were of him as a twin.  Oh well.

Link of the day:

Aubrey Huff has a blog now.  I guess someone in the Giants PR department decided that they just couldn't do without a player blog since the trade of Bengie Molina.  I can't be happier with who they picked to write this blog, although I think he probably dictates it to someone who then writes it for him.  How do explain Bengie Molina being able to write in perfect English while hardly being able to speak it? 

Anyway Aubrey's inaugural entry offered some insight into how the Giants perceived the Dodgers reaction to the beanball war last night and once again proved how the media bias towards the Red Sox - Yankee rivalry is bad for baseball.

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