Thursday, July 29, 2010

Whew that was close!


Wow where to begin?

I think I'll get the streak out of the way early like Posey seems to!  If you didn'already know, Buster Posey has extended his hitting streak to 21 games by hitting a single in the third inning.  he is now one game away from tying Willie McCovey for the Giants rookie record of 22 games.  I was looking at the list of 20 plus game hitting streaks by rookies and the list showed that baseball is a funny game.  The list is topped by Benito Santiago at 34 games Benito, like Buster, was a catcher.  He had an OK career but never really lived up to the promise that a 34 game hitting streak seemed to point to.  He did go on to play 20 seasons and he even had a sort of late career renaissance with the Giants from 2001 to 2003. 

The list does have a lot of great players and hall of famers. Guys like Richie Ashburn, Johnny Mize, Ichiro Suzuki, Jackie Robinson, and Fred Lynn.  But it is also populated by guys who you would be hard pressed to even name what teams they played for: Goldie Rapp, Joe McEwing, Chico Carrasquel, Taft Wright, and Danny Litwhiler.

So what does it all mean?  Well not much other than you can never tell what a guy is going to amount to from their rookie season.  Just ask Joe McEwing.

I have largely avoided writing about last night's game because it was so frustrating.  Sure it was a win but it was an ugly win.  After an early 9-2 lead, the Giants pitching staff wound up letting this game go to extra innings.  now the Giants did win the game so it's not all bad but it sure is hard to watch a 7 run lead evaporate.

As hard to take from a pitching standpoint, it was equally satisfying from an offensive standpoint.  Torres, Huff, Uribe, Rowand, and Renteria all had multi-hit games.

Uribe and Torres were the big heroes.  Uribe lead the team with 4 RBIs while Torres, with three RBIs of his own, was the big hero.  In addition to a 2 run splash hit homerun in the 6th to put the Giants up 9-2, Torres also drove in the winning run in the 10th inning. 

Torres is starting to become a folk hero in San Francisco.  From his improbable road to the majors, to his stellar defense, to his late game heroics.  He is winning the hearts of the Giants fans and he is beginning to get past those comparisons to Marvin Benard.

Link of the day:

The LA Dodgers got Scott Podsednik from from the KC Royals for 2 minor leaguers.  I'm not sure what hole he fills for the Dodgers but it's not pitching.  We are just going to have to settle for Jose Guillen it seems. 

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